Stellar Yoga

Get to know Stella

Welcome beautiful Womxn!

I'm so happy to have you here.

My name is Stella and I'm a passionate Menstrual Cycle Educator and heart-centred Yoga teacher that guides womxn to reclaim their cycles and their divine feminine power.

For as long as I can remember, holistic health and wellbeing have been my passion. This led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science (movement is medicine loves!) and a Master's Degree in Public Health.

Although I loved my work, something was missing. I felt restless and disconnected from myself. After seven years of working with various communities such as Indigenous people in Australia, people living with HIV, and womxn using pre/post natal health services, I decided to step away from my career in public health.

I committed to a project that was just for me.

That project? A 500h Yoga teacher training. This is when things shifted for me in a BIG way. I learnt to connect to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of myself. It's as if everything I had studied and practiced up until that moment was preparing me for this unfolding. I was ready!

Once I completed my teacher training I knew I wanted to learn and experience more. I completed 120h Intensive Hatha and Meditation Training at an ashram in Mexico. I returned to my home town of Montreal and started teaching yoga and mindfulness but never stopped learning.

Further teacher training included Yin yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Wall Training, Guided Meditation & Yoga Nidra, Pranayama & Kriya, Womxn's Tantra & Ayurveda, and Womb Sciences Immersion. I then taught in Morocco, Mexico and led sold-out workshops and retreats in Canada and Guatemala.

After a few years of teaching yoga - another yearning unfolded. This time it was louder and more intense than my call to leave my career in public health.

Something was missing from the yoga trainings I had studied. I questioned:

How does yoga and mindfulness relate to womxn specifically?
How can womxn use these sacred practices and rituals to uncover their inner power?

Classes seemed linear and rigid. My creative, sensual, and feminine nature desperately wanted to be seen. More so, it seemed like womxn were not given enough information about their bodies or cycles. I couldn't find information guiding womxn on how to live (and thrive!) in their cyclic bodies.


⫸ I would combine my years of education and experience in Public Health to teach womxn the tools they need to better understand their bodies and cycle (body literacy baby!)

⫸ + with the ancient wisdom of yoga, mindfulness and breathwork practices to help womxn reconnect to their body, womb and inner-power.

Today, I empower womxn to reclaim their bodies, cycles and feminine power.

My offerings include Blood Magic: a 5-week online immersion, Cyclic Living One-on-one Coaching, Sisterhood Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga & Mindfulness classes and International retreats.

It is my absolute honour to share these offerings with you in divine sisterhood.

All Love,

I'm a curious soul and a life long learner. My passion is to continuously expand my knowledge and experience so I can share them with YOU and this community of like-hearted womxn.
Yoga teacher training
Over 700h of of Hatha, Yin and Meditation teacher training, completed in Canada and Mexico.
Specialised training
Trauma sensitive yoga, Restorative & therapeutic yoga training, Womb sciences,
Womxn's Ayurveda & Tantra, Pranayama & Kriya Courses. Completed in Canada and Guatemala.
Health Science background
Undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, Clinical Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Public Health. Completed in Canada and Australia.