Stellar Yoga
Size: 7" x 9"
145 pages
Illustrations by Silvia Bairo
Connect to your magic, one cycle at a time.
I'm often asked what's the first step to reclaiming your menstrual cycle.

This is it.

Magic Within: A Cycle Journal is a beautiful way to better know, connect and respond to your cyclical nature.

Daily journaling allows you to become more intimate with your cycle: noticing patterns, symptoms, shifting needs and desires, and flagging potential health concerns. It invites you to witness and embrace your magic within.

Your cycle holds infinite wisdom.
Your body is communicating with you.
This is your invitation to listen and honour your needs.

Magic Within: A Cycle Journal connects you to your magic, one cycle at a time.
What's inside?

Magic Within is more than a journal. It's filled with all the information you wish you were taught when you first got your menstrual cycle. Each section has been intentionally curated for you.

It offers:

~ Cycle wisdom guiding you through each phase (inner-seasons)

~ a deeper understanding and appreciation of your cyclical nature

~ Journal prompts designed for each inner-season

~ 90 journal entry pages - enough to track up to 3 cycles

~ Self-care tips and moon time rituals

~ Personalized Cyclical nature diagrams: helps you create a visual snapshot of your cycle, one month at a time.
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