Stellar Yoga
Reconnect to your inner goddess with a group of like-hearted womxn.
Workshops, Cacao Ceremonies & Sisterhood Circles.
Sen•su•al Self
Thursday, Nov 4th 7-9pm
You're invited to join me on a journey back to your Sen-su-al Self.

I say back because your sensual self is not something you have to create or search for. She has, and always will, be there.

The journey is one of remembering, of reconnection and reclaiming.
She may feel dormant, tired or even silent, but know that she IS there.
This journey will guide you to reignite her embers.

This is an intimate evening where we'll gather to savour & explore:

~ Ceremonial cacao
~ Beathwork
~ Self touch
~ Therapeutic movement &
~ A deeply immersive soundbath.

* Spaces are limited
* Held at Temple Mile End
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